Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta

Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta is an open access, free of charge, bi-monthly Journal published by the Portuguese Electrochemical Society since 1983. Portugaliae Electrochimica Acta publishes original papers, brief communications, reviews and letters concerned with every aspect of theory and practice of electrochemistry, as well as articles in which topics on history, science policy, education, etc. in the electrochemical field (teaching or research) may be discussed.

ISSN: 1647-1571


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Editorial Board


  • Victor M.M. Lobo, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Associate Editors

  • Artur J.M. Valente, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Jorge Costa Pereira, University of Coimbra, Portugal

Advisory Board

  • I. Montenegro, Universidade do Minho, Braga, Portugal
  • C. Amatore, Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, France
  • J.J. Moura, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
  • A. Arevalo, Universidad de La Laguna, Tenerife, Spain
  • D. Pletcher, University of Southampton, Southampton, UK
  • A.J. Arvia, Universidad Nacional de la Plata, La Plata, Argentina
  • A.J.L. Pombeiro, Universidade de Lisboa, IST, Lisboa, Portugal
  • J. Barthel, University of Regensburg, Regensburg, Germany
  • J.S. Redinha, Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
  • A. Bond, Monash University, Victoria, Australia
  • B.R. Sharifker, Universidad Simón Bolívar, Caracas, Venezuela
  • M.I. Ferra, Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal
  • A.F. Silva, University of Porto, Porto, Portugal
  • M.G.S. Ferreira, Universidade de Lisboa, IST, Lisboa, Portugal
  • A.M. Silva, University of Algarve, Faro, Portugal
  • I. Fonseca, Universidade de Lisboa, Lisboa, Portugal
  • M.L.S.S. Gonçalves, Universidade de Lisboa, IST, Lisboa, Portugal
  • S. Trasatti, Universitá degli Studi di Milano, Milan, Italy
  • J.L.F.C. Lima, Universidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal
  • G. Wilson, University of Kansas, Lawrence, USA
  • V.M.M. Lobo, Universidade de Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
  • R.G. Compton, University of Oxford, UK